Camping doesn’t have to always be the survival of the fittest. With these 5 tips and the right attitude, your camping trip can be transformed into the ultimate glamping experience fit for all! Keep in touch with nature in comfort and style without pouring expenses into luxurious facilities.

And here’s our 5 know hows on transforming camping into glamping:

The Tent

An affordable glamping trip feature is ultimately determined by how much of good night’s sleep you get! A tip to transforming camping into glamping without booking a fancy hotel, is that you’re able to rest inside a tent spacious enough for your friends or family, there’s no point in squishing together and not getting any rest from it. Making sure your tent is quick and easy to set up and take down will save you from any stress that’ll dampen any glamping mood. This may mean spending a bit more than you would have on a simple tent, but the larger and better quality will definitely be worth it for a good night’s rest in peace and comfort.

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The Bed

Transforming camping into glamping is not only maximised by where you rest in but also what you rest on! It doesn’t hurt to bring some sort of air mattress or extra bedding items to make you feel more at home among nature. A good night’s rest in comfort will let you wake up brighter and more energised for your planned activities of the day, and give you something to look forward to when you’re tired. Bring a portable hammock for the ultimate resting place for your glamping bay, it’ll be like you’re on a tropical holiday!

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The Food

Food? What’s that got to do with transforming camping into glamping? Well, actually one of the crucial features of differentiating camping from glamping is the food you bring. It’s easy to pack snacks and whatever is small and quick to eat, but glamping gives you a great opportunity to try some easy outdoor recipes from Pinterest. Having a meal in nature has a totally different atmosphere then eating in your backyard at home, so you can change your whole experience by preparing awesome picnics or a BBQ feast fit for kings. Don’t forget the classic s’mores for dessert!

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The Kitchen

It’s a great idea to invest in food, but this doesn’t mean you have to splurge on extravagant and gourmet meals. All you need is the right tools and equipment to prepare and eat your affordable glamping trip meals. A portable BBQ or stove is the ultimate tool for cooking up those meats and veggies to perfection, a grilled taste fit for the outdoors. Once you’ve cooked all the foods stress-free, now you need somewhere to eat them! Glamping isn’t glamping when you’re struggling to balance your food from falling off your lap. Bringing a portable chair and table may be the best solution for feasting in comfort! Having something to prepare your meals and somewhere to enjoy them will definitely transform camping into glamping in no time!

The Decoration

The atmosphere is crucial to changing your camping experience from a low to a high. Bringing along candles or twinkler lights are not only for the aesthetics of your campsite, but they are also extremely functional. Turn a dark low lit dinner to a cosy meal with your family. Candles not only mask any distasteful odours surrounding your campsite but are an affordable glamping trip trick in creating an aromatic ambience. Even the minor things can transform a tedious campsite into a spectacular affordable glamping trip.

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What are you waiting for? Check out more easy camping to glamping tips here and forget about saving up for the luxurious glamping hotels. Head down to your local store and grab these 5 things to transform camping into a glamping adventure!