Caravanning is one of the most convenient ways to travel. It allows you to comfortably travel many & different distances with your family or friends. This is especially important for children. Children will be able to do their own things in the RV – to draw, sculpt with clay, play different games and have fun in transit unlike on planes.

The Transit

The drive itself is quite stunning. You will be able to drive past beautiful meadows, mirror-clear lakes, mountain rivers, or even past a dense forest. You can always stop by, relax and enjoy the natural beauty as much as you want. You can easily take your kids  outdoors to play games or sports for a quick stretch at the same time – the kids will not be as tired as when traveling by car or train, or after flying on an airplane. If you wanted to go on a trip with a dog or cat, then this is also a great opportunity to do so.

Caravaning guide: Everything YOU should know about RV traveling.
Caravaning guide: Everything YOU should know about RV traveling.

The Camper

On campers, you can cook relatively familiar foods due to the great storage options and amenities available. It is also possible to save money on food, not to mention the magical spontaneous meals at the ponds or in the flower fields, or whatever beautiful sites you may come across.

Your  budget can be adjusted for different preferences: choose chic campsites or free parking, cook more or less in your own kitchen, stop in cities more often and go to museums and exhibitions or enjoy nature and look for simply unusual places in the direction of travel.

Driving a camper is similar to driving a normal car, the pedals are in the usual places, the seat is adjustable. The only thing you will need to get used to is the dimensions, a wide windshield, and large side mirrors are very helpful in this. In addition, caravanning itself involves trips through open spaces, rather than squeezing through narrow city corners.

You may also need to be prepared to operate a manual gearbox. Depending on what kind of camper you get, it becomes clear already at the stage of booking. In Canada, the USA and on the Australian side, it is quite possible to meet an automatic transmission (but you will have to pay a little more), but in Europe, most likely is manual transmission.  if the driver has experience in driving on the mechanics, then everyone will be calmer.

Caravaning guide: Everything YOU should know about RV traveling.
Caravaning guide: Everything YOU should know about RV traveling.

What Else

See in advance how much gasoline costs in different countries, where you plan to travel. Be careful and calculate how far you will have to drive without refueling. You can easily rent your RV in many countries around the world. It is best to take a camper for traveling around small cities, abandoned houses, castles, parks and recreation areas. Not on the highway, but on secondary roads between cities. Yes, it’s slower, but you can take a closer look at it. If you want to spend the night under bright stars and wake up to the singing of birds, but with comfort. Campstar helps campers from all over the world to rent their perfect campervan.

For those that want to become a caravan driver, I want to wish you all the best new experiences, good roads and new discoveries! Caravanning is a good opportunity to make dreams come true. Good luck on the road!